Saturday, February 21, 2015

I've Got My Eye on YOU!

Hello Glorious Readers,

I hope you've been keeping warm!  Winter is a great time to catch up on reading, if you're falling behind.  We're about seven weeks into the reading year, and there's many weeks left, but you don't want to fall too far behind.  So remember, use winter wisely and delve into a great story to keep you warm for years to come.

What I'd like to remind my readers this weekend is something we've talked about many, many times.  You're probably sick of hearing this, but given recent events, I think it's important that I mention this to you again because I don't feel many of you are taking this seriously enough.

Given our economy and hardships that many of us face, I think it's important that you remember and are mindful how important it is that you keep your personal social media events intact.  There are lots of you looking for employment and one of the biggest reasons many of you are having a hard time finding work could be what you're posting online!

Ok, I know you're probably thinking you have every right to post whatever you wish, and you'd be right, but is what you're posting hindering you from getting the job you want?  Did you ever ask yourself that question?  If not, I think you better rethink how you deal with the Internet.

I heard recently that someone posted a tweet on Twitter wherein they mentioned they finally got a sucking job they really didn't want, but was happy to have it only to find out a couple days later they no longer had the position.  You want to know why?  The very job they so easily tweeted about their current employer saw the tweet and wasn't happy about it, and as a result, decided this employee wasn't worth working for his establishment.  As quickly as this individual got the job, they lost it within a matter of hours.  

Seriously, readers, I don't know what it will take for you to get that employers check Social Media just as much as they check your background and references.  In fact, more employers head to Social Media before they check anything else.  Many of you may have the credentials for the jobs and/or careers you seek, but your Internet posting may be stopping you from getting those jobs.  You may think it's cute to post whatever you want, but employers don't quite see it that way.  After all, you will be a representative of their employment and what you do on Social Media will be a direct reflection of them or so that's the way many employers feel.

Do you already have a job?  You're not safe either.  Are you aware that your employers can check up on your Social Media activities as well?  There are companies creating Apps for employers to do just that -- check up on what their employees are posting.  I know of a person who posted some rather negative comments about his job on his Facebook page and guess what?  Umm hmm, his employer found out about it and luckily for him, he was given a warning.  Lord knows what he said on his page could have potentially gotten him fired, but due to the fact it was his first time being caught, I suppose the employer took some pity on him.  

I've seen so many postings that people do that make my jaw drop.  You may think no one but your alleged followers and/or friends see your posts, but the truth of the matter is, that isn't always so.  Employers see and they can find out.  Have you ever Googled yourself?  You might be surprised to find out what the Internet has to say about you?  Do you check your privacy settings on your various sites you belong to?  Do you read the fine print to see what those sites share with others on the Internet?  You are aware that what you post is not content you own, but belongs to the sites you post on.  Are you aware that you cannot truly delete what you put on your favorite sites?  Once you post things on most Social Media sites, you leave an electronic trail that will follow you forever.  

I don't know how many times I have to tell you when crimes are committed Social Media is the first place law enforcement go, so why would you think employers wouldn't do the same thing?  All I'm saying to you is, you may be wondering why you are having a hard time finding employment and unbeknownst to many of you, YOU could be the very reason why you're not getting the job.  Even if you use privacy settings, trust and believe, there's nothing really private about Social Media.  If someone wants to find out and digs deep enough, your content can become unearthed.  

Do you use a lot of Apps on your favorite sites?  Do you have your iPhones and Smartphones synced to your favorite sites? Are you aware many of those Apps you so readily download track a great deal of your vital information?  Not only can those Apps track your information, they can also track your locations.  Some Apps can even tell a person where you snapped a particular photo, the date, time, etc.  Do you pay attention to what those Apps request to do with your information BEFORE you download it? 

So you see, if you've never really thought about what I've asked above, it would be in your best interest to start paying attention to what you do socially.  Like I said, YOU may be stopping yourself from getting a job and not even be aware that an employer you sought out is also seeking out how you behave socially on the Internet.  Is that right?  Is that fair?  No, but it's the world we live in.  The more technical we become as a society, the more Big Brother is watching you and I do mean watching everything you do and post!  When I advise you to be careful of reckless posting, I'm not just saying that for the hell of it.  What you post can hurt you, whether you want to believe it or not!  The next time you find yourself having problems getting employment, you might want to review your Internet posting--there could be something you've been doing that is causing you to get passed over.

Until next time, please stop your Reckless Internet Posting #NoRIP

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

Be Careful What YOU Post. . .
Your 'Social' Skills can leave you Unemployed!