Saturday, September 19, 2015

Oh So Ho Hum. . .

What's Up Intellectual Minds,

We are on our final few days of summer!  "Sigh!"  Yeah, it's feeling more and more like fall around these here parts.  Ummph, summer literally just got started and here it's on its last leg.  Damn!  Why can't winter exit as quickly as summer does?  Oh well, enough about the weather, cause there's one thing for sure, there's not one damn thing any of us can do about it, except deal with it!  I certainly hope you had a great summer?

As we're making our transition into another season, I'm wondering if you've been staying up-to-date on the latest race to the White House?  OMG, I've watched the second Republican Debate and once again, I wasn't that impressed.  I still haven't found any candidate, right or left, that stands out on the views that interest me.  I'm not getting that tingling sensation in my gut that says, "Yea, this is the right person for me," blah, blah, blah! Not feeling it yet.

So I guess the question is, when the hell will I begin to see someone emerge on the scene that will make me feel comfortable enough about giving my vote to?  If you figure it out, perhaps you'll be kind enough to fill a sista in because I have no idea who I like.  I don't like anyone, at this juncture.  Sure, I like what some of them say and how they view various issues, but to have a clear cut definition as to whom I'd like to vote for, not getting anything. Just a total blank!  This, by far, is one of the worst Presidential runs I've ever experienced.  I feel sorry for the first-time voter who is just coming into the voting game. God be with you! I'm a seasoned vet and can't make heads nor tails out of these candidates.  Yuk!

Anyhoo, I just plan to coast through the next four months, and get some things done, and hopefully, as time advances, something or someone will be able to help me grab a glimmer of hope?  Because as it stands right now, our country is already in trouble, and I'm not confident in any of these candidates, right or left.  They've got a lot more to do, in my opinion, before I feel comfortable about this important decision, but what I can tell you right now, thankfully the election isn't today--'cause you want to know how I would vote?  I wouldn't!  That's how horrible I think the Democrats and Republican candidates are, as it stands on the merits at this point.  Everyone is looking for that great soundbite, that one catchphrase that's going to set them apart from the pack, and guess what?  The only one succeeding in doing that is of course Donald Trump, although Donald couldn't hang with the big dogs in CNN's debate arena.  He's lacking major knowledge and that is a HUGE concern of mine.  I have other concerns where all the candidates are concerned, but just because someone is popular due to being an entertainer does not make a President.  And just because someone has been in politics forever, does not mean they have the wherewithal and/or knowledge to handle the job either.

One thing is for certain.  I'm very sick and tired of the bickering over stupid sh*t!  I'm tired of hearing how many of them are novices at this and have no business being in the race. Aah, excuse me, but the last time I checked, not one candidate on either side has EVER been the President of the United States, so all of you are novices--let's just get that out of the way and make that perfectly clear!  If I hear one more person say that, I'm going to scream!!  The only one who has come closest to being in the White House up close and personal is Hillary Clinton.  But, and that's a big BUT, she was NEVER the President--just married to one.

I'm anxious to hear more about economic growth, jobs and most importantly to me, healthcare!  As if you didn't get a clue from last week's post, healthcare is a HUGE problem for me and I want something done about it!  I have yet to hear anyone break this down for me in terms of which I can relate and understand.  I'm pretty solid on foreign policy, as far as where the candidates stand, but there are more pressing matters I'd like to learn about. So it is my sincerest hope that these right and left politicians get their sh*t together and start laying more of a foundation for Americans to really get their footing on something solid so we can stop feeling so damn helpless and hopeless.   Again, I say, I'm far from impressed. Donald has been the most entertaining, but seriously, he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever getting the Republican nomination.  However, having said that, if things go the way protocol dictates, by rights since he's the front-runner and continues to be, at this point, he should get it.  There's plenty of speculation that he will not get the nomination for the mere simple reason he's ostracized himself from the Hispanic community, in part, due to his comments regarding some in their community.  Although any candidate worth his/her salt would most certainly want and could use a person's vote, he can still make it without the Hispanic votes (they are not the majority in this country).  I'd be shocked to say the least, but my gut feeling tells me he's not going to get that nomination, regardless of his poll standing.  I would really like to see what Donald could have done with that God awful Iran deal.  Sheesh, that's one of the worst deals I've seen America engage in in quite a while.  That deal is just as terrifying as the ISIS terrorists.   It appears as though Obama is exiting the Oval Office on a rather sour note.  He's making me question a great many of his decisions, or the lack thereof especially as of late.  I still can't get over that horrendous Iran deal.  Boy, did America get screwed big time with that contract.  What a damn joke!  What are you thinking, Mr. President?  Or were you thinking, I should ask?

Not sure where America is going anymore?  I don't feel there's anyone solid or qualified to handle our country.  At least, not the ones we have vying for the position, and a little shaky on the one still in office.  I'll keep watching and we'll see what happens together.  No matter what, you must keep yourself abreast of the Presidential election. This is important, even though I feel most times the politicians don't give a damn about us.  It's always about them.  With all the fighting back and forth and the checks and balances our great Nation was built upon, there's no wonder nothing ever gets done in Washington, D.C.  How can it when everyone is constantly fighting for their rights, to be heard, and the voices that are almost always silenced are the American people!  God help us! I want a better, stronger America!  Is that too much to ask?  Can these potential hopeful wannabe Presidential candidates get the job done?  Hmm, only you can decide!

Until next time, folks, check back for new book reviews coming up as we forge ahead on our reading journeys and challenges.  I've fallen so far behind due to other things going on, but I'm going to finish as strong as I can, and that's what each of us has to do.  

Keep on keepin' on, my Intellectual Friends! Stay Informed! Be Informed!

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

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