Tuesday, April 26, 2016

#Book #Review . . . The Blue Bath


Kat Lind, an American expatriate living in London with her entrepreneur husband and their young son, attends an opening at a prestigious Mayfair art gallery and is astonished to find her own face on the walls. The portraits are evidence of a long-ago love affair with the artist, Daniel Blake. Unbeknownst to her, he has continued to paint her ever since. Kat is seduced by her reflection on canvas and when Daniel appears in London, she finds herself drawn back into the sins and solace of a past that suddenly no longer seems so far away. 

When the portraits catch the attention of the public, threatening to reveal not only her identity, but all that lies beyond the edges of the canvases, Kat comes face to face with the true price of their beauty and with all that she now could lose. 

Moving between the glamour of the London art world and the sensuous days of a love affair in a dusty Paris studio, life and art bleed together as Daniel and Kat's lives spin out of control, leading to a conclusion that is anything but inevitable. 

M & J’s Review 

What is love? How does one define it? No matter how you view it, love can definitely be shown in various ways. And that, to me, was demonstrated with Kat’s and Daniel’s love affair that ran deeper than the pigment on canvas. 

There isn’t a greater honor than to have an artist paint you so the world can see you the way he views you. After all Kat was in Paris. She was nineteen years old, in school and loving life, not having too many cares in the world. One day out in the rain, she holds her camera up to take a shot of the downpour, when a stranger stepped into focus. 

The camera may not have detected what was about to happen between Kat and the stranger, but their souls most certainly did. A mere chance meeting and a few words spoken, turned into a couple decades of love, lust, loss and gain. 

Kat is now an adult with a husband and small child. Of course, one would immediately think the beautiful love affair she had with the stranger in the park who turned out to be Daniel Blake, the artist, would be who she married. Daniel was not Kat’s husband and her child wasn’t of Daniel’s seed. Now living in London waiting on her husband, Jonathan, to return from a rather grueling business venture, she and her girlfriend went to an art show where she saw herself at various stages of her youth, captured within one year, displayed for the world to see. Perhaps to the untrained eye, no one would know who she was, but Kat knew, as did her girlfriend, Jorie. 

What were the chances of her seeing Daniel twenty-something years later? Of course as soon as they recognized one another, the sparks that ignited twenty-years earlier were ready to explode. Kat tried her best to be the faithful wife and mother, but the heart wants what it wants. And what her heart craved for most of her life, was not only the fumes of turpentine and paint, she longed to be touched by the man who loved her so deeply, he painted her image during the years they were apart. To have a man love you like that is the ultimate for any woman. To know your existence touched a person’s soul, as well as their heart, as if the hands of the clock decided to go counterclockwise, was so climatic, the reader will be pulled in their love story. Sayer’s poetic description of Kat’s and Daniel's love making exhibited such beauty, much like the girl (Kat) in his oil paintings. The colorful images of two bodies entwined with no space in between except for the souls to become one was an amazing work of art that even Daniel couldn’t reproduce. It was so touching and personal and brilliantly written, it will make you weep, in which I did. That is love in its truest form! Wow! 

What struck me as odd is the fact that my readers know I can’t stand romance novels. But I cannot classify this story as romance. This was truly a story about one man’s attempt to capture his love for his woman and how he risked everything to get his true love back. Sayers painted this story with such well-written brush strokes, when the canvas comes into focus for the reader, you’ll be left with a jaw-dropping experience. What an amazing love story. Outstanding Read! 

Mello & June gives The Blue Bath five stars and all the stars within the galaxy. It’s extremely engaging, very touching and moving. You will become cheerleaders for Kat and Daniel as they struggle to find their peace in the world. Damn good read! The Blue Bath goes on sale on Tuesday, May 3, 2016. Please make sure you pick up a copy wherever books are sold. Ladies, this is a story you will never forget! Have the tissue box close by! 

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

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