Thursday, May 19, 2016

All Hell. . .Empire

(Empire Spoiler Alert!)

In case you missed Wednesday’s Season Two Finale of Empire, you will not want to read this post. What’s funny is, I really didn’t plan on writing a post regarding the episode, but since I talked about it last December trying to figure out who pushed Rhonda down the spiral staircase, it was revealed in Wednesday’s episode.

Ok. . .so the Hottest Show on the Planet suddenly has become lukewarm of sorts. I wasn’t feeling that finale in any way, shape or fashion. I was downright disappointed and pissed! There isn’t any other way for me to express my aggravation than to say it just how I felt. What a huge letdown!

Empire has finally come to that place in time of what I’d like to call the TV-Dumbs. I think the show truly has gone as far as it’s going to go. In fact, the show is all over the damn place! I’m not sure the writers even know where the hell they’re going at this point? It was obvious with the last ten minutes of the finale. What’s sad is, this sort of thing usually happens after a show has become seasoned, but in my opinion, Empire is still in its infancy stages, and it’s already hit its peak and I don’t think there’s any bouncing back from that bullshit they called a finale.

In Season One, Empire was really strong and promising, and then Season Two started off a little rocky for some, but I hung in there because I realize the writers were doing character and story line development. I get all of that. But what I don’t get is how you could build your viewing audience up only to let them fall flat on their asses? Having someone push Rhonda down the staircase was sheer brilliance. I figured the writers would really play up the plot, but instead they did a 360 and just made it obvious that Boo-Boo Kitty was the pusher. OMG, what a missed opportunity! Why on earth would you make the most obvious person be the pusher when there were so many other characters to put into play and use them to build up the story? To me, that took the complete fun out of the story.

Now we got Lucious’s unsteady mama in the picture along with his half-brother, which was a twist, but not so much, Tariq, the FBI agent trying to take down his brother. Add insult to injury, this Sian guy who I assume was supposed to be a character like Suge Knight. And to make matters even worse, instead of cute Hakim getting married to Laura, his own devilish father had to marry Anika to keep her from testifying before the Grand Jury. Ok, this is truly reaching folks. I haven’t done my homework completely on this fact, but this sounds like TV land law and not real law. He and Anika had been broken up a while and even though they had this alleged marriage certificate in DC, how long does a certificate last? And if the certificate was awarded in DC, was this wedding not in New York? I guess it doesn’t matter where you get your marriage certificate? (Any family attorneys out there reading this?) Someone’s continuity is screwy here, and it damn sure isn’t mine. I realize that real life real time differs from make-believe, but come the hell on! Are you serious? Cookie is back out of the picture—again! Oh yeah, and did anyone happen to notice that Lucious didn’t seemed fazed by any of this? He was cool, calm and collected like always. When he demanded Andre get his “wife,” he sounded like he did when he hugged Cookie when she became co-CEO and said, “I got your back!” Hmmph, who needs enemies with exes like that? Poor Cookie was tore up and refused to attend the wedding, which I applauded the sister, but I’m not feeling this mess!

Now Lucious is married to his grandchild’s mother. What in God’s name? Really? What the hell? Again, that timeline is very suspect because wouldn’t it be interesting to find out that the baby was Lucious’s after all. He and Anika wasn’t long broken up in Season One before she quickly abandoned his ship and hopped on board of Young Hakim. Now Rhonda and Anika are rolling around on the balcony like actors used to do in those old love movies supposedly making love. Just going back and forth and one on top and then the reverse. You hear a scream and Andre’s face is frozen in shock. Eeew, don’t you just wonder who went over? Welp, folks, I’m not falling for the hype anymore. If you make it that damn obvious that Anika did the pushing, should any of us really care who the hell went over the side? What would it matter? If they both die, the show will live to tape another episode. What the writers do with that, is solely within their possession. I’m just saying, this is all a bit too much for me to wrap my mind around. 

You know I was a diehard fan of Empire. I sang its praises, but this Season ender pissed me off royally. I just couldn’t believe how in left field they took its audience. I wasn’t feeling any of that. Everyone has horrible circumstances happening to them. Will there ever be a happily ever after for Cookie and Lucious? I suppose when the show is completely done. And even then, I don’t trust these writers to do what’s right. 

This is what happens to shows when they get too damn big. It happened to every show I ever loved. The writers screwed up The Sopranos. Does anyone remember that hot mess? OMG I was furious! Six years and they end up in some stupid ass restaurant and a car rolls up outside and no one has a clue if they were killed or not and the screen went blank, and I’m grabbing my remote shaking it and beating it against my hand thinking the thing went on the blink, only to discover that was all in HBO’s plan. I was never more livid! It happened with Law & Order, The Closer, Medium, etc. The actors start getting a little too big of themselves and think they deserve more money and egos inflate larger than life, and the end result is what you get of what we witnessed last night, bullshit!

So I guess the rumors about some of them leaving may be true. At this point, I say good riddance and I wish you the best in your endeavors. If you’re going to take a show that was so amazing and turn it to mush, I’d rather it go off-air. What is the damn point? I want to be entertained and shocked, but I don’t like being depressed and feeling let down waiting on something great to happen, only to feel defeated. That’s not why I watched the Hip-Hopera. Speaking of which, that was about the only thing that was hot—the music. I love all the Empire songs. Couldn’t wait to download the entire album. Really nice, but too bad the show is going down the hole rather quickly. All I know is, Season Three better get cleaned up and come better than that bull they did in Season Two. There wasn’t any origination or imagination. Took all the allure, lust and fire right out of the show. 

You know FOX, if you’re looking for a writer, I’m available. I could write that show a hell of a lot better than what I’m seeing now. Call me! As busy as I am, I wouldn't have the time, but hey, I'm not opposed to discussing.  (LOL)

In the words of an announcer from another show I used to love, “Seacrest, Out!” My drop-the-mic-moment!

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