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#Book #Review . . .A Dangerous Age


Couture royalty meets downtown grit and heady artists mingle with freewheeling socialites in A Dangerous Age, a sophisticated, indulgent, and delicious novel of contemporary New York City that women of all ages will devour. 

It’s the dog days of a sweltering Manhattan summer, and four sophisticated best friends who once took New York by storm are secretly falling apart at the seams. Lucy’s marriage to a renowned artist is slowly crumbling, with an explosive secret that threatens them both. Sarah, in the middle of auditioning for an auspicious new television show, realizes that her socialite standing is in jeopardy after countless disastrous events. Billy—a queen in the kitchen—has finally left her former life behind to become a highbrow cuisine artist. And Lotta, a knockout downtown art dealer, spends her free time guzzling cocktails in both the grittiest and most expensive clubs around town—but now, she’s taken it a little too far. 

In this addicting and refreshing comedy of manners reminiscent of Edith Wharton, Lucy, Sarah, Billy, and Lotta go to all ends to hide their troubles in a city that worships only the young, twentysomething it-girl. But in the end, there’s no denying that these women have all entered a very dangerous age...and who knows how they’ll emerge on the other side.

M & J's Review

I don’t know about you, but I love a cute and funny ‘girlfriends’ type of book. If you’re looking for a nice story that has a little bit of everything in it, this is the story for you. Any woman who is in their 40s or about to embark down the fabulous forties road, will definitely be able to relate to these smartly crafted characters.

What’s strange is that I never really thought about my forties being a dangerous age. To me, your age is truly a number, but what that number represents for some women can make all the world of difference. Take Lucy, our protagonist. She’s forty-two and in an 18-year old marriage to one of New York’s finest artists, Titus. Things just aren’t what they seem anymore. Everything has gotten old, especially since her hubby is several years older than her. All the things they used to do together have come to an abrupt halt. She’s in a very vulnerable and insecure state; not exactly sure what has become of her and Titus. They don’t even share a marital bed anymore, and sex has all but become nonexistent. Thankfully, she has her three solid rocks to fall upon for support, Sarah, Lotta and Billy. If it weren’t for them, she’d be in worse shape than her mental state already is.

Unfortunately, even though she has them for comfort, they, too, have their own fair share of problems. But the one thing that remains a constant in their lives is that they have each other to lean on. Lucy’s mother seems to have it all put together. She’s in her sixties and living life to the fullest. She’s trying to get her daughter to add a little heat to her otherwise fizzling marriage. Lucy doesn’t really want to take her mother’s advice. Sarah is so intent on getting her reality show, all she cares about is who will see her and creating as much buzz in the media circuit as she can muster. Lotta certainly has a great name because everything she does is ‘a lotta’ it. She’s into any and everything that has a pulse and makes her feel like she’s reliving her twenties again. One minute they were young women looking forward to the future and before anyone blinked, their forties crept up on them out of nowhere. Where did the decades go and who was the thief that robbed them of their youth? Hmm, that thief is none other than Father Time, and he isn’t always a great daddy depending on how you spent your time coming up the ranks, as these four women soon found out the hard way.

Lucy has another dilemma. While she’s deeply concerned that her husband no longer desires her, she’s been receiving some rather racy text messages from an unknown person. Every time she goes down the street, she’s constantly looking over her shoulder to see if the man standing a little too close or walking by too swiftly is ‘the’ one who has been texting her. She’s falling in love with a text. Oh dear, how sad can you get? Who knew words could be so powerful? Lotta does a little too much drinking and drugging. Sarah is pretty uptight, until the producers for her would-be reality show comes to a dinner party she hosts that her bestie, Billy, has slaved over the stove for. It turned out to be a party that soon no one would ever forget. 

Needless to say, these women had a little bit of everything going on in their lives and this was truly an unforgettable read. I enjoyed the comedy and realness to these women. Any woman can really relate to these characters regardless as to what stage of life you’re in. This is definitely one of those books that qualifies under the “me time” category. Get you a glass of nice wine, sit back and enjoy. I know I certainly did. 

Mello & June gives this novel four stars. It’s a very satisfying read, cute and zany all wrapped up into one. This would be an outstanding book for any women’s book clubs out there. I can just see the cork popping, wine flowing and the laughter beginning. This is definitely a woman’s read, and one you’ll be talking about for years to come. A Dangerous Age goes on sale on June 7, 2016. Ladies hit your favorite wine store and grab the book. Cheers!

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

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