Sunday, June 19, 2016

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About the Book

Though he’s still tormented by his brother’s murder and the accident that ended his career, ex-homicide detective Liam Dempsey is trying to move on. His girlfriend and their adopted son are the best things that ever happened to him—and being a police liaison is the next best thing to being back on the force. But when an old friend asks for his help, Liam is thrust into a harrowing investigation that reawakens his darkest personal demons.

A politician has been violently attacked, and his wife is kidnapped for ransom. But as police mobilize to track the victim and trap her abductor, the case takes a chilling turn from extortion to grisly murder. Whoever snatched Valerie Farrow wants blood and money—and they’re brutally collecting.

Working with, and against, the police, Liam is forced to dig deep to expose the ugly truth—even if it means digging his own grave in the process.

M & J's Review

Funny, when I started reading this book, I kept feeling as though these characters were very familiar.  That’s when I had my aah-ha moment.  I read the first book in the Liam Dempsey series, The River is Dark.  I absolutely loved the first book in this installment, and I’m even more blown away with this second part in the series.

Police Consultant, Liam Dempsey, has come a long way since being enthralled in his brother’s and sister’s-in-law murders.  He has a beautiful girlfriend named Dani and they have adopted a child named Eric.  Life is definitely looking up for the ex-homicide detective, but as with anything, the passion for police work grows extremely deep in Liam’s soul.
Even though he isn’t technically a police detective anymore, that detective aspect of his life is never too far behind.   He receives a call from an old college buddy who has since thrown his hat in the political arena, finds himself in the middle of a horrible kidnapping.  He knows there isn’t anyone else who can help him get his wife back and who is more determined to do what is right and solve this case than Liam Dempsey.
Liam is enjoying his newfound life with Dani and Eric, and even though he loves detective work, he’s torn between leaving his family to take on another long case.  Problem is, Owen did Liam a solid back in the day, and he feels obligated to at least look into his case and see what he can shake loose. 
Well, when Liam begins barking up the murderer’s tree, the fallen leaves of hard truths and unbelievable circumstances come raining down on the very head that needs to stay clear and focused in order to solve this case. All of what Liam believes in comes into question.  Everyone wants to know what happened to Valerie Farrow, Owen’s wife, but nothing seems to be concrete, that is, until Liam continues to keep digging.  It would appear that the fates have a nasty way of throwing its weight around, and poor Liam is always caught off guard trying to put the pieces back together again.  And trust me, readers, when you start to investigate the clues along with Liam, what you’re left with will most certainly shock you.
Mello & June gives The Night is Deep five stars and counting.  This is a great series.  Although I have to say, Hart puts Liam through some particular hell.  Sometimes I can’t imagine how Liam lives to investigate another day.  The things his body goes through dealing with the sick and twisted is mind boggling, but Liam is a tough guy and I love it.  Hart’s writing is skillfully mastered and keeps the reader front and center throughout the entire story.  If you haven’t started the series, I’d highly suggest you do.  But, this book is a standalone, so you’ll be fine to read it out of order. 
The Night is Deep goes on sale June 28, 2016.  Please make sure you get this book and add to your to read shelf.  It’s a goodie!

Kimberly Ranee Hicks, Author/Poet/Reviewer

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