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As Wings Unfurl
By Arthur M. Doweyko
Genre: Science Fiction

Applegate Bogdanski returns from Vietnam with a missing leg, a Purple Heart, and an addiction to morphine. He stumbles through each day, looking forward to nothing and hoping it will arrive soon. When he attempts to thwart a crime, he is knocked unconscious and wakes up to discover that people are once again calling him a hero, though he feels undeserving of the praise. 

Apple returns to work and meets Angela, a mysterious woman who claims to be his guardian. Immediately, he feels a connection to her, which morphs into an attraction. But he soon discovers that Angela is much more than she seems.

Apple and Angela are swept up in a conspiracy that stretches through time and space. Together, they must fight to save everything they hold dear from an alien race bent on destroying humanity.

by Arthur M. Doweyko

The big questions, like the how and why of us, are ones that inspire my writing. I'm convinced we are surrounded by clues to our purpose and destiny, and one of those is instinct.

We all know about instinct. Or do we?

I think we can agree that examples might include a spider's ability to weave a complex web or a bee's ability to create a honeycomb filled with neat little hexagonal storage bins. Even a bird's ability to build a nest seems pretty much something we would call instinct. In fact, just about every animal on this planet exhibits it. We can tell when that happens, because it seems like it's knowledge that the animal was born with.

Now that presents a bit of a problem. We know that knowledge is learned and stored in the brain. Perhaps even as autonomic nervous system reactions in very, very simple animals. So, how did that come to be?

"Evolution," you say. Every species on Earth owes its existence, its form and function, to millions of years of survival. Mutations in the genes, tiny or large, allowed each species to get to this point simply by percolating up qualities that promoted its survival. In fact, there are genes that turn on when an organism is stressed whose whole purpose is to promote more mutations … just in case they might be needed.

Okay, then. There's one niggling question remaining. How exactly does a behavior (aka instinct) get passed on from one generation to the next? Considering that, like everything else that makes up an organism, instinct is likely the product of some organized set of nerves embedded in the brain, there is but one answer — DNA. 

Now we come to the fun part. What about us? We have certainly evolved much the same as all the other animals. As a result we must have behavior(s) designed for survival that we hardly think about. What are they?

One more tidbit to consider before answering — The human genome project completed in 2000 revealed humans to have a paltry 30,000 genes. Of these, only 2% have a recognized function, mostly responsible for the proteins that make us up. What about the other 98% ? Scientists refer to this DNA as "nonsense" DNA … really? Do you really think Mother Nature would waste that much genetic material? I don't think so.

Author Bio:

After retiring in 2009, Arthur M. Doweyko took up writing fiction. His novel Algorithm garnered a 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award. He has also published a number of short stories, many of which have been selected as Finalists in the Royal Palm Literary Award contest, and two Honorable Mentions in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest.

Arthur was awarded the 2008 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for his contribution to the discovery of Sprycel, a novel anti-cancer drug successfully brought to the marketplace in 2009. He has authored over one hundred publications (papers, abstracts, patents, book chapters) and has been an invited lecturer in a number of drug-discovery and computational venues. 

Arthur lives in Florida with the love of his life, Lidia. When he’s not writing, he’s happily wandering the beaches. 

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